Simple meal planning for busy families

It’s a brand new year, and here at I Love Mom Life, we are trying something new: a series that focuses on healthy meals for busy families. Over the next several weeks we’ll be sharing tips, tricks and delicious recipes that are kid-tested and approved by our in-house dietitian. Enjoy!

meal planning materialsIt’s 2018! And the News Year’s resolutions are in full swing. I, of course, jumped on that bandwagon and came up with a few health-related things I’d like to focus on: exercising more, reducing stress and continuing my quest to eat healthier. Today I’m focusing on healthy eating and how meal planning makes it much easier for my busy family.

First, a disclaimer: I am not (nor have I ever been) very organized. Or very good at cooking. Or a fan of grocery shopping. It’s like the worst trifecta ever! But since getting healthy meals on the table is such a necessity for my growing family, I sucked it up and started researching.

It turns out that that one of the most essential things is meal planning. I had heard people talk about meal planning, but I didn’t really know what it entailed. But I jumped in headfirst and now, two years later, I can’t imagine my life without it! Here are just a few of the benefits:
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Organized cleaning, is there such a thing?

I found myself laying on the couch this morning thinking, how the heck do people keep their houses so clean? Most likely they are a lot more organized than I am or maybe they prioritize their lives differently, who knows!

Since moving into a house that is bigger than our last one, I find myself overwhelmed with the task of keeping this place organized and clean. The fact that we aren’t totally unpacked and I’m 36 weeks pregnant and flat out exhausted probably have a lot to do with my lax (or non-existent) cleaning of late.

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Changing tables are for the birds

The older and busier I get in life, the less I want to spend time managing things. I’ve gone towards a minimalist way of thinking since I had kids. More things means more time and stress and in the hectic world of raising kids, time is the most precious commodity I have!

Kids inevitably will fill your house up with lots and lots of things whether you want them or not. I have totes and totes full of out-grown kids clothes, baby toys, infant car seats and other things the kids aren’t currently using. I’m going to hang on to them for when we have another kid, but storing them takes lots of space, time and effort.

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