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About our blog

Happiness, laughter and love. Wine, wine and more wine. This is the chaotic bliss of mom life!

Being a parent is not an easy job — but it is an amazing experience! And we want to share it. We try to post light-hearted stories, delicious recipes and helpful ideas that will hopefully encourage and amuse our readers. Enjoy!

About our families

We are sisters who have the wonderful and amazing opportunity to be home with our kids half time. We work opposite days of the week and then watch each other’s kids on our “days off.” It’s a CRAZY, fun time! Katie has three daughters, Brynlee, Sammy and Evy and Alicia has two boys, Micah and Conner. Needless to say, life is busy! Even though the kids don’t know it yet, they are experiencing a rare opportunity to grow up with their cousins being as close as siblings. This does cause some family confusion, but we love being one giant, unique family! 🙂

About Katie

I am a mother of three delightful girls and am married to my wonderful husband Steve. Having the opportunity to raise my kids and nephews has been the most amazing blessing and what a learning experience! My favorite things besides my family include enjoying nature, anything Harry Potter, wine, cooking, photography, traveling, trying to be crafty and spending lots and lots of time with my friends and family. We live in Minnesota, so I love getting outside and enjoying every season, even winter! As a Christian mother, my ultimate goal for my family is to live a simple life, do some good and fill this world with a little more happiness and love.

About Alicia

I have two wild boys (three, if you count my husband). Learning how to watch five kids under the age of 5 has been an interesting journey, especially since I began watching all of the kids when I was only a month into my maternity leave with my second son. Even though I don’t remember a lot of the details from those first few months of wrangling children, I got through the pretty substantial learning curve — and I got some sweet new mom skills in the process. Even though it’s often chaotic and tremendously exhausting, I absolutely love being able to spend more time with my kids!

When I’m not chasing babies, I enjoy writing, running, spending time outside, drinking wine, attempting to be artistic, watching comedies, reading The Onion and eating chocolate ice cream. The most important things in my life are my faith, my family and my friends.