Mushroom and spinach enchiladas

Hey friends, it’s Katie! As promised, Alicia and I are working on a a 12-week meal series for the blog. To kick it off, I’m sharing my all-time favorite and go-to recipe, mushroom and spinach enchiladas! These enchiladas are so easy to make and a crowd-pleaser every time.

Mushroom and spinach enchiladas

As Alicia said last week, I’m a dietitian with a passion for health and wellness. I love food and I love to cook. I always take recipes and try to pack in as much good stuff as possible so I know my family is getting what they need to stay healthy and strong. We are hoping to give everyone some easy recipe ideas that will make meal planning a snap. I will adjust our recipes to fit a variety of eating styles from gluten-free to low sodium to vegetarian. I’ll also include ideas on how to get kids involved in the kitchen and tips about freezing or reusing food later in the week. The less effort we have to put in to feed our families good, healthy food during the busy week, the better! Continue reading

Healthy mom goal #1: Always accept help

I can’t even count the number of times the words “help me” have crossed my mind since I became a mom. Kids are bawling, poop is everywhere, fighting, stress, chaos, exhaustion and all I want to do is get breakfast on the table! I’ve been very bad about accepting help my entire life. I have no idea why. I’ve literally gotten hundreds of offers for help over the years from my amazing family, friends and neighbors. My immediate response most of the time is, “no, I’m fine, but thanks for the offer!” I’m a fairly independent and determined person, so I always think, eh, I’ll be fine. Famous. Last. Words.

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Getting over my writer’s block, back to blogging

Alicia and I have been slacking on the blog lately. I know this, she knows this, but we both just keep ignoring it hoping some house elves will stop by and crank out some posts for us. OK, maybe that’s only me, but since this isn’t Hogwarts, I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon! Getting over a writer’s block is not easy. I like to think my writer’s block is because life has been super busy lately. Alicia can play the “I have a new baby” card but I don’t have much of an excuse other than just the usual life-with-kids chaos.

The funny thing about a writer’s block is that a small idea like “I’m not sure what to write!” can all the sudden become as big as Mount Everest if left unchecked. That’s what I’ve allowed to happen in the last few months. I began to lose sight of the very purpose of this blog- encouraging other moms and sharing some laughs along the way.

This past weekend I was enjoying a much needed mom’s afternoon out at a winery with some of my best friends. We were laughing, drinking wine, and having a completely delightful time. In the midst of our many conversations, my friend said, “What’s going on with the blog Katie? You guys haven’t written anything in a while.” Ummmmm, yeah.

Girls at winery

Good food, delicious wine, great company!! Cheers to time with friends 🙂

My somewhat inebriated self proceeded to spill all my insecurities about the blog. Am I a good writer? Am I actually encouraging my readers? Do people enjoy our blog? The list goes on and on unfortunately. All I can say is darn you perfectionism, darn you!!!

My friends were the perfect audience for my pity party though. They listened and then proceeded to boost my confidence and helped me get out of my own head– I seriously love my friends!

The talk with my friends helped me remember that I blog because it’s fun and it is a creative outlet for me. I also want to encourage other moms because raising kids is hard and exhausting yet amazing at the same time. No part of it is truly easy, but we are all just trying to get through it the best that we can.

Alicia and I are super-busy, working moms each with three of our own kids. Life gets hectic and sometimes as a mom I feel like I’m constantly giving all my time and energy to other people. It is healthy and so important for us moms to maintain hobbies, even when life is crazy. The nights when Alicia and I blog with a Blue Moon in hand at 10 pm after the kids are in bed have seriously been some of the best and most stress-relieving nights of my life! We laugh until our bellies ache and mounds of stress just melt away.

Blogging definitely takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end, it is a hobby that I want to hold on to. I hope along the way I can add some happiness to your day. Until next week dear reader….. I promise!! 🙂